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  • 16/11/2014

     Tips for Vintage style wedding or baptism


    1. Mix and match.

    Break the rules and mix different elements to get a Vintage style wedding or baptism decoration.

    2. Magical mint.

    The mint color is often associated with a vintage theme. This season’s color palate also extends to combining bright fabrics with dainty chinaware to achieve the “wonderland” event look.

    3. More is more.

    Say goodbye to traditional and uniform centerpieces.     Having one large arrangement is a bit outdated and smaller arrangements that bring detail into your wedding theme are recommended.

    4. Relaxed feeling.

    Wedding trends are given a relaxed and romantic feeling by pairing floral arrangements with colorful pompoms, beautiful vintage crockery and antique lace table cloths.

    5. Vintage suitcases and gramophones.

    A unique and pretty vintage flavor can be achieved by combining these found objects with lace tablecloths, old suitcases, gramophones, birdcages and vintage-style flower arranging in old silver teapots.

    6. Hanging Backdrops & signs.

    Another fun décor idea is to suspend anything. High in fashion  is a selection of vintage tea cups or props above your reception tables look magnificent when combined with several candles displayed in different vintage containers as your table décor.

    7. Dress up your dessert table and sweet treats with a pretty vintage cake stand!

    8. Place authentic milk crates throughout as accent decor to hold rich greenery or warm throws for an outdoor soirée.

    9. A vintage suitcase at the reception entry makes for a lovely card holder.

    10. Spice up the seating with an ornate vintage couch and colorful throw pillows.

    11. Vintage vessels, like demijohns, milk glass or an old pitcher are perfect for holding your pretty petals.

    12. We love vintage books as decor! Place a few on the guest book table with random florals.

    13. Handmade favors are the best. Wrap jars of jam or honey with vintage fabric and a sweet tag.

    14. Try using vintage frames to add a bit of playfulness to your wedding photography!

    15. For a bit of color at an al fresco wedding, hang a handmade hankie banner. Or, pop a mini message banner on top of your cake!



                                                           Style events team


  • Candy bars 09/04/2014


    Unique ideas on our delicious Candy bars for your baptism, party or wedding!


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  • 14/12/2013

    5 Reasons you should turn to

    an Event Planning Company for Your Wedding


    Nearly everyone has planned an event, such as a birthday party or a family dinner, but most of us are not prepared for the prospect of planning and executing an event like a wedding. A guest list that numbers in the hundreds and a long list of vendors to hire and details to attend to, are really some things that stress-out brides. Weddings are extremely complex events and as a result, planning them can test even the most organized and motivated bride-to-be. So instead of risking your health and your sanity leading up to the biggest day of your life, you might want to consider handing over the planning duties to a qualified event planning company. Here are just a few reasons to leave this task to the professionals.

    1.     Reduce stress. There’s plenty of stress to go around with a wedding anyway. Finding a venue, picking the perfect dress, and making a slew of other decisions as well as the pressure to perform and succeed which is pretty high, and the fact that your loved ones will all be watching makes the stakes even higher. So the last thing you need is the stress of planning on your shoulders, as well. Ultimately, you’ll have to make all the decisions, but having a professional on hand to provide you with options and advice, and to execute your decisions can drastically reduce your stress level.

    2.     Know your options. You may end up missing out on something that would have been perfect for your special day. With plenty of experience to draw on, a professional can not only give you plenty of options, but the options that you’re most likely to find appealing.

    3.     Benefit from an expert opinion. Making decisions for your wedding day can be hard. Your wedding planner can offer you advice that will help you to make the selection that best suits your budget and your overall aesthetic.

    4.     Use industry connections. Negotiating with vendors piecemeal will almost certainly result in a lot more work, not to mention higher prices. But a wedding planner has connections that can yield the services you need at a price you can afford. And he/she will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

    5.     Get your dream wedding. Planning a complex event like a wedding is a major undertaking, and even if you have ideas about the dress, the flowers, and the venue, creating a cohesive plan and making sure everything runs like clockwork is not something that the average person is prepared to do. A reputable event planning company will ensure that your wedding day is everything you imagined and more. So hand the responsibility for planning over to a pro if you want the once-in-a-lifetime event that every couple deserves.


  • 26/09/2013


    A Spiritual Journey

     Bali is located in the 13,000 island Indonesian archipelago that stretches from Malaysia to Australia. It is an exotic island that mixes tranquility, natural beauty, unique culture and interesting activities - a perfect honeymoon combination.

    Days can be spent out on the water, relaxing poolside or exploring a plethora of inland sights. You can hike through verdant rice paddies, bike between small crafts villages, play golf in the crater of a volcano, spot local monkeys, or partake in colorful celebrations. No matter how you choose to spend your time, you will always be surrounded by Bali's warm and inviting culture.





    It is best suited for couples desiring a variety of activities and relaxation in an exotic environment, those who enjoy local culture and natural beauty, or to experience some of the most romantic (and original) hotels in the world and for those looking for a bit of nightlife.

    Bali's interesting accommodation choices range from charming "losmen" (pension-type properties) to world-class resorts. You can stay in the lap of luxury where your room might resemble a Balinese "compound," often including an outdoor pavilion for relaxing, a villa for sleeping, a private indoor/outdoor bathroom and your own plunge-pool. Shower underneath the stars, surrounded by palms! Of course, Bali has more modest accommodations as well, usually incorporating unique architectural elements and standard amenities. For the more independent, consider renting a private villa.

     Dining options are mainly Indonesian specialties abound, usually in conjunction with Chinese and Western offerings. The top restaurants are often located in upscale hotels. Wonderful local establishments, with charm and great food, can be found in most towns.

    Some of the special activities you can try is local culture - temple ceremonies, Balinese dance, crafts and architecture observation. Enjoy the service and amenities of some of world's finest hotels. Hiking, biking and other outdoor activities - the scenery is phenomenal.

    The north side of Bali is the place to take advantage of the island's unique marine life. You can swim with dolphins, snorkel within the uniquely Balinese waters, or try some fantastic boat dives. While somewhat developed for tourism, it does not have the large resorts or 5+ star properties that you'll find on the other side of the island. Instead, it offers a slower paced, less commercial, beach environment. The northwest section of Bali is also home to the large Barat National Park.

    The southern beach areas are home to "popular Bali" - beach resorts, surfing, and a wild nightlife. Favorite resort areas include Sanur, Kuta Beach and Nusa Dua. Seminyak, Jimbaran Bay and Legian have slightly nicer beaches with far fewer tourists. In the area, there is also the fantastic Ulu Watu temple with stunning views of the rough surf from cliffs 500 feet above.

    Central Bali (Ubud area) has a much different feel than the southern beach region. Inland, at slightly higher altitudes, with lush rice terraces and charming villages, this part of the island is known for art, culture, hiking, volcano climbing, and mountain biking from village to village. It is a good place to get off the beaten path and explore on your own. You'll find terrific art, textiles and hand-crafted furniture in the little towns between Denpasar and Ubud.



    Concluding, the reasons to choose Bali for your honeymoon are the totally unique local culture found nowhere else, the vibrant art and architecture unmatched in Asia, a wide range of activities, the Lush, dramatic and tranquil natural scenery and of course the ability to combine pure relaxation with incredible exploration opportunities, feeling after all that there is no other honeymoon destination quite like Bali anywhere in the world!



  • 25/02/2013

  • 24/01/2013



    Top 10 tips for brides



    1. Starting six months prior to your wedding day, have a facial once a month to ensure a radiant complexion.

    2. Adopt a healthy eating and regular exercise. Also, remember to drink lots of water and herbal teas. Weigh yourself every week to remember your goals and feel good about the choices you made yesterday.

    3. Check your wedding gown fits perfectly prior to it leaving the store. Try on your gown with the shoes and undergarments you intend to wear on your wedding day to ensure they fit perfectly under your dress and that you can dance freely.

    4. Remember what really matters and be flexible. The world won’t fall apart if a certain flower you’d love for your bouquet becomes unavailable. Things tend to work out how they are meant to and you may end up with something better than you’d originally planned.

    5. Plan your honeymoon as you plan your wedding. This way, you will have your pick of accommodation options and can factor your honeymoon expenses into your budget as you go. You don’t want to get to the airport and realise your passport has just expired or that you needed a special visa for your trip.

    6. Avoid stress by working with the appropriate planner. Be smart with your time – don’t feel you have to shop around for every aspect of your wedding. If a supplier impresses you and is within your budget, go with your gut and book them in so you don’t miss out.

    7. Be sure to keep some days free of wedding planning and spend time with your partner, friends and family as you normally would. This preserves everyone’s sanity, including yours!

    8. Bringing your overnight bag and check into your hotel room early.             

    9. Don’t forget to eat! Once the day comes, enjoy a decent breakfast. Try and drink some water throughout the day and try to eat at least some of your meal at the reception in between all the excitement. Your wedding day is not the day to skip breakfast or watch your calories and run the risk of feeling faint or dehydrated.

    10. Remember to enjoy every single moment of the day and the days of planning. Relax and feel its meaning…